Austin Heritage Consultants

Austin Heritage Consultants was established in 2010 by Jen Austin.  Jen is a multi-skilled consultant specialising in built heritage conservation and research, with over 23 years’ experience throughout the UK and Australia.

Her substantial project experience ranges from small, individual buildings (houses, farm buildings, churches, theatres and industrial buildings) to the investigation of large, complex sites and landscapes (including large country houses, estates and conservation areas).

As each site and requirements are different, we are keen to meet our clients’ individual needs and aim to manage every project through a professional and comprehensive approach.

Jen undertakes work for a wide variety of clients, from trusts to private property owners, and we are experienced in collaborative work with other professionals and frequently support larger projects


Historical Buildings Research and Analysis

Would you like to know more about the history of your building or land?  Using historical mapping and thorough archival research, we can help you trace the origin of your site and how it may have evolved over the years into what you see today.  We can also help you find out who may have lived in your property and the various uses it may have had over time.

Heritage Assessments, Conservation Statements, Significance Assessment and Heritage Impact Statements

An authority may require the completion of a Heritage Impact Statement (or Heritage Impact Assessment, Heritage Assessment or Significance Assessment) as a supporting document for planning and/or listed building consent. These reports examine the historical development and significance of a site, provide input into the design process and provide an evaluation of the possible impacts of any proposed changes to historic buildings, neighbouring listed buildings, or possible impacts on the character of a conservation area.

Conservation Management Plans

Following the same process of Heritage Assessments and Impact Statements, Conservation Statements, a Conservation Management Plan is a more comprehensive and detailed document for a building or site that looks at a place in greater detail, building upon the foundation information of the historical development of the site and an assessment of significance and provides detailed guidelines, or policies, to assist in the appropriate ongoing and future use and conservation of a place.

Character Assessments

We are also able to assist with character area appraisals and management plans for conservation areas and whole parish assessments.  Appraisals examine the historical development and significance of various elements of an area, from important views, to iconic buildings and key historical associations and evolution of the place.  Detailed analysis helps establish the special character of an area from which appropriate policies can be established.

Building Recording

Often, a condition of works to a listed building may include the requirement for historic building recording.  The level of recording varies, depending on the individual needs of the site, but will usually include a photographic survey, drawn survey, and an analysis of the historical evolution of the site or building.